Shakespeare Prose and Verse

By: Danny, Hector, and Katelyn

Shakespeare commonly wrote in Prose and Verse. In one of his most known pieces of writing, Romeo and Juliet, he uses Verse. More specifically, he uses Blank Verse.

This is an example of his Blank verse writing. Blank Verse is written in metrical form, most of the time in Iambic Pentameter. Blank verse does not rhyme but does have a stress pattern. The stress pattern in Iambic Pentameter is five iambs. An iamb is a pair of stressed or unstressed syllables, and Penta meaning five.

Verse is like rhyming; a transition of rhyming words or verses. Usually has a metrical rhythm to it.

Prose is ordinary speech with no strict pattern or rhythm to it. Romeo and Juliet is not written in this, because Romeo and Juliet has a rhythmic pattern to it, thus meaning it is a Blank Verse.

Shakespeare used this method of writing because he simply used it to great affect.

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