Medieval Weapons

  • The most used weapons were daggers, axes, clubs and spears, while swords were typically only used by knights or by men wealthy enough to afford them.   This knight is holding a sword and shield. The sword was used for attack and the shield was used for blocking attack.

John Mauro


The knights held weapons according to their status and position which was determined by the Feudal system. The weaponry, armor and horse of the knight were extremely expensive.  The parasol, the axe, and the mase were used by knights.

The Knights themselves used different Middle Ages weapons riding on their warhorse.  These weapons were used for combat and tools for gathering goods. Knights used these to protect the Lords and defend the kingdom.

These weapons were used to fight against enemies.  Knights used these to protect the lords. In this picture there is a battle axe, two swords, and a polearm.  These weapons were made of steel and armor by blacksmiths.

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