52 IN 52

The 52 Albums the define my love for music

Album/Week 5

Who: Little River Band "Greatest Hits"

When: Early/Mid 1980's

Why: I wish I could explain this properly. This was a very over-played record in my household growing up. Maybe because of the soothing voice of Glen Sherrock or the smooth jams, but either way, this record stuck. So much that "Help is on the way" is still one of my top songs of all time. Years later, once again, I heard this record at the Sobey house as well and Kenny and I can still rock with it. This record was a great bridge between 70's and 80's rock. A small bubble in rock history that is usually overlooked.

Where: Still haven't seen them, but I'm sure I could eventually.

Watch this: (please, its amazing)

From Australia, Little River Band still tours to this day. Although none of the members of the original outfit are still in the band, which is a bummer.