Algonquin Tribe

A Wigwam

Ways of life

Hunting/Food-                                                                                      Shelter-

  • Algonquians used every part of the animal                1. They lived in Wigwams
  •  Boys learned to hunt at                                                    2. Women  made houses           a very young age                                                      3. They were made out of trees   
  • They had corn/popcorn                                                4.They had a hole in the roof
  • Algonquians had maple syrup                                     Transportation-
  • Their lives depended on hunting                                1.They had canoes                                                                                                                     2.Canoes were made out of  bark                                                                                                                                         Clothing-                                                                                                            Tools-
  • Moccasins=shoes                                                             1.Pottery
  • Moccasins were made by American Indians              2 . They were made out of clay  
  • Moccasins were very soft and came up to the ankles                                                          Roles of men and women-
  • Women-child care, gathering plants, and cooking
  • Men-hunting,sometimes they went to war
  • Both- Storytelling, artwork,and music


  • The Algonquian indian tribe believed that great spirits blessed them with animals to eat.
  • The Algonquins had Powwows to heal the sick and to call spirits to

come and help them.

  • When having marriage the man gives the woman an animal bone

and the woman gives him an ear of corn.

  • The Algonquians think a shaman had magic power and they think

the shaman could visit the underworld.

  • Each Algonquian community lives on its own reserve or reservation

Reserves is land that belongs to the tribe and is legally under their


  • The Algonquians did not live in tepees.For most of the years they

lived in settled villages of birch bark houses, called waginogans or


  • The Algonquian indian chief was always a man, but today a woman

can be chief too.

  • They told fairy tales

Interesting Facts

  • Algonquians didn't farm much
  • They spoke English and French
  • Pronounce- Al-GON-kin

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