Estella's Journal

Dear Journal
March 5, 1888
My name is Estella. I'm 15 and I'm from Hocotenango, Guatemala. I came with my mom and dad . We are leaving because my parents wanted me to have a better future and an education and to get a good job. We chose America because we have heard so many great things about it. It took me two weeks to get here with a few stops I met this girl named Daniela Diego from Costa Rica . The boat ride was nauseating it had a gut retching smell of sweat and other things it was also crowded.

Dear Journal
April 15,1888
When I got here the first thing the authorities asked me was for my green card, My stay at Ellis island was a month . The problems we had entering the country was the that my dad had a cough and the gave him some medicine and they let him go. I saw the statue of liberty when we got to Ellis island and the different people from different countries there was the smell of gas from the other boats. I felt excited because I was about to start a new chapter in my life and I already have a friend. I hope we stay together.

This is one of the first things I saw

May 20, 1888
Dear Journal
We are planning to live in a tenement in New York me my mom and dad will cram in a one room tenement. The tenement costs five dollars a month. We will live just outside New York City. My neighborhood is okay I haven't met anyone but I figured out that Daniela lives just a few blocks away.

This is were I will live on the second floor

June 19, 1888
Dear Journal
well I just got a job as a maid just like the one in Guatemala. I think they hired me because I can act on an instant and I am organized. I am willing to do anything as long as its not dangerous. I will support my family but I will set some aside money for myself because my mom and dad both work. The forecast has been good it rained a couple days since I've been here and a little cloudy but since that iots been sunny with very little clouds.

This is the house I'm cleaning

July 12,1888
Dear Journal
The thing I miss the most is my grandmother I miss her food and the way she comforts me and my uncles and the way they play and joke around with me. I'm glad that I came because of the changes I get a little more freedom than Guatemala and the people are nicer because they know what I've been going through. The clothes pattern are plain and they war a bunch of scarves. The tradition I brought with me from Guatemala is that we will still eat tamales on Christmas. I haven't heard of any American traditions but I hope to start some new ones.

August 7, 1888
Dear Journal
Well I have some exciting news there is a neighborhood soccer team and they let me join I play defense. My parents have got enough money to send me to school to learn the basic stuff. My parents have taught me how to read and I know very little about addition I know some because I've seen people do it before. I also got a new job selling fruit for a man. Well Bye.

By. Rebeca Castellanos

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