Haylee Smith 8B - Photography and Digital Editing

In Design technology this term our main focus was photography. We learnt how to use online portfolios, all about photography composition, digital photography and digital editing. We learnt all about the rule of thirds and how to process a great looking photograph. I enjoyed this elective because  I show an interest in photography and I would love to go more in depth with photography.

I chose this photo because I think it shows teamwork because the adult turtle is swimming with the little turtle. I also chose this photo because I liked the different vibrant colours in the photograph.

I edited this photo using the 'splash' effect. I drew the colour just under the wave to highlight where the focus of the picture is.

This photo is actually the original version that I found. I enjoyed the photo so much that I did not edit.

I chose this photo because this is as good as teamwork gets. A group working together to win the race.

In the edit of this photo  I decided to put a strip of red of the right hand side and then put a few bubbles on the left hand side to highlight the people.

For this collage I chose the layout with 3 photos down the bottom and 1 bigger photo at the top. I spaced the photos out a little bit, but not much and kept the edges squared.

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