Studded with outstanding natural wonders and endowed with one of the world's hot-list cities, Argentina is a vast and varied land. A visit to Argentina is a jaw-dropping, visceral experience. Therefore I have put together this  list covering the highlights from north to south and west to east of this beautiful country!

Andes: World's Longest Mountain Range

Also called Spanish Cordillera de los Andes or Los Andes, the Andes mountain system of South America is one of the great natural features on the planet. With breathtaking Mount Aconcagua as the highest peak, these mountain systems separate a narrow western coastal area from the rest of the continent, affecting deeply the conditions of life within the ranges themselves and in surrounding areas. Magnificent and impenetrable forests grow on both sides of these mountains, especially on the western slopes.

Iguazu Falls: Most imposing Natural Attraction in Argentina.

Buenos Aires : Capital and Largest City of Argentina

The Capital of the country is a perfect blend of exquisite old world European charm and contemporary attitude laced with ragged edge. Pulsating with sensational shopping, gourmet cuisine and sizzling nightlife, this cosmopolitan city is quite appealing with its vibrant neighborhoods and equally downtrodden areas. Strolling on streets full of spewing buses and bustling fervor, you can hunt for cutting-edge designer boutiques, museums, art galleries, world class theaters, boulevards, outdoor cafes, and historical facades.

Puerto Madryn: Gateway to Whales, Penguins

Also known as the gateway to Peninsula Valdes, Puerto Madryn is located in the Patagonia region of Argentina on the shores of Gulfo Nuevo. Tourists flock to this region mainly for here three reasons – to see Southern Right Whale in the Gulfo Nuevo during September and October; trips to the Magellanic penguin colony in the Punta Tombo Natural Protected Area, and excursions onto Península Valdés, a wildlife sanctuary for birds and marine species.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Located in the Santa Cruz Province of the vast Patagonia region, Perito Moreno glacier in Los Glaciers National Park offers you the extensive views of the breathtakingly massive river of ice. This national park features the largest ice cap outside of Greenland and Antarctica. Stretching more than 3 miles and towering 180 feet above water, Perito Moreno is the most famous of these glaciers and numerous boardwalks and boat rides allow visitors to come face to face with floating ice bergs of remarkable colors and shapes. As cracking ice and giant blocks break away and crash into the lakes with enormous splashes, lucky visitors might see this stunning glacier calving.

Mendoza - A bustling city of wide, leafy avenues, atmospheric plazas

Sitting on the foothills of Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain of the Andes, Mendoza is right in the middle of Argentina’s famous wine country featuring an elaborate irrigation structure that promotes greenery throughout the city and outlying grape vineyards. Organized bus tours and private taxis are readily available to tour visitors to many excellent wineries, some of which are world-famous. The wines produced in Mendoza Province include Malbec, Torrontes, Semillon, Syrah and Tempranillo. Do embark on a trip to these parts of South American region to experience the untouched and virgin beauty of nature in its most exotic form. Wish you all an exciting South American holiday.