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By: Eliana Acosta

Chicago's history

                       By:Eliana Acosta

Dear readers,

Americans found Chicago in 1833. The Chicago area's recorded history begins with the arrival of French explorers, missionaries and fur traders in the late 17th century. The territory was claimed by the United States in the late 18th century, at which time the area was inhabited by the Potawatomi Indians. The city was founded in the 1830s and grew rapidly from real estate speculation and the realization that it had a commanding position in the emerging inland transportation network, controlling access from the Great Lakes into the Mississippi River basin.

Chicago means a lot to me. Chicago is my home and I've been here my whole life. Chicago is a beautiful, amazing place even though it has its downs. I love my city and I wouldn't trade it for another place. Chicago is amazing but it does have its violence and bad things surrounding. Many violence has been going on but nothing can be perfect. You can do many things like go to the beach, the movies, bowling, downtown and Navy Prier. I love going downtown it's my favorite place because you get to see the beautiful buildings and experience more of Chicago. Chicago is my hometown and it means a lot to me.

A Mother's Dislikes And Likes of Chicago; Interview

                    By: Eliana Acosta

Perla Bautista is a mother of 3 kids living in Chicago around the park and neighborhood of Humboldt Park. Perla has recently stopped working after being a manger at a retail store for 8 years. She is known for spending time with her family and working a part-time job as a consultant for Arbonne.

Eliana: Have you always lived in Chicago?

Perla: No.

Eliana:Then where at?

Perla: I've lived at Arizona and California.

Eliana: Is there anything you like about Chicago?

Perla: Chicago is a beautiful city. Downtown and the parks are great.

Eliana: Is there anything you dislike about Chicago?

Perla: Yes, the weather, violence, and how bad its getting.

Eliana: If you were able to move to any other state, where would you move to and why?

Perla: Florida, because the weather is warm all year round and it's a little more peaceful.

Eliana: If you were to stay in Chicago would there be a reason for it?

Perla: Yes,for my family.

Eliana: From your dislikes of Chicago, do you think "you" personally make a change?

Perla: I try to help out in anyway possible.

Shovel to the head

                       By:Eliana Acosta

Have you ever been in a fight?.... and gotten hit in the head with a shovel? Two teenage girls have recently gotten into a fight and little did anyone know these girls agreed to fight just to see how it went. All their friends gathered up to watch and cheer on. The video of one of the girls fighting getting hit with a shovel was made into a vine and went viral every where on social networks. The real video is about ten minutes long and in the first five minutes of the video it shows the two teens slapping and punching each other and messing around, then it got real and one of the girls grabbed a shovel and as soon as the other girl saw the shovel she ran but the one with the shovel threw it to the girl who was running and hit it right to her head. One girl had mention," I've never tried to hit anyone in the head with a shovel, but I don't think the maneuver could be pulled off more perfectly than it is here". Who knew just messing around with friends could lead to getting hit in the head by a shovel.

High school advice

                       By:Eliana Acosta

All you high school students should be yourself. Don't let anyone tell you wrong because only yourself knows yourself better than anyone. Be with who you want and don't listen to those who judge you. Don't join a group of people you don't enjoy or feel comfortable with, find people who accept you and  will be true. If some one is trying to bring you down that only means you are above them and they are truly jealous of you. You probably won't even be friends or know any once your older. Just be yourself join life and smile at those who try to bring you down because you can show them that you will have your head up high and won't let them bring you down.   

That Awkward Moment At School When......

                    By: Eliana Acosta

Awkward moments are happening all the time. These are few of those uncomfortable moments we can all relate to.

The Awkward Moment At School When…

Your eyes are wandering around the classroom and you accidentally lock eyes with someone.

You’re eating carrots or crunchy food at lunch and you wonder if your chewing is as loud to everyone else as it is to you.

Your backpack gets caught on a stranger in the hallway.

You come back from the bathroom at school, and the whole class turns to stare at you.

You get called on by the teacher and say, “I wasn’t raising my hand,” and then the teacher says, “I know.

”Someone leans back on your desk and gets his or her hair in your face.You get to your seat and it’s still warm.

You wave at someone in the hallway and he or she doesn’t wave back.

Someone has his or her headphones in and can’t hear you talking to him or her.

Two people are talking in the classroom and everyone waits for them to finish.

The teacher thinks you’re texting but you’re actually just looking down at your shirt.

You have to blow your nose but it’s silent in the classroom.

You have to hold in a sneeze and end up making a weird noise.

A phone rings in your class and you know it’s yours but you don’t want to turn it off.

You get to your desk and someone is sitting there.

You’re making a weird face at a friend across the room and somebody else thinks you’re making it at him or her.

You say bye to somebody and then end up walking in the same direction.

You’re waiting at a teacher’s desk and he or she is finishing something so you just stand waiting there for a lifetime.

Something funny happens in class, everyone laughs, and then ten minutes later you’re still laughing.

Someone is complaining about how badly he or she did on a test but you did much worse.

Everyone’s talking but as soon as you say something weird the class gets quiet.

You shout out the wrong answer on class with confidence.

We have all gone through at least one of these awkward moments at school. Don't deny, it happened.

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