Goddess Hera

Speech by Marina Sanchez
per 6. Harris

Hera: Greek goddess of marriage, birth, & aid

Announcement: Hera is the supreme goddess of marriage, childbirth, & takes special care of married women. Hera is the daughter of Rhea (earth) and Chronos (time). But she was raised by the Titans, Ocean and Tethys.  Hera is one in three of Zeus's sisters and his last wife.  The name of her children are Hephaistos who is the god of fire, Hebe who is  god of youth, & Ares god of war. Zeus's son Hercules who was not formed by Hera slightly got killed. At the time when Hera attempted to terminate Hercules with two gigantic snakes. Zeus has raped Hera once and he is also very infidely. Which caused her to gain revenge and perform action by drugging him out & tieing him up in knots. Zeus then punished Hera by forcing her to never rebel again. Although she still mainly intrigues against  Zeus's plans, often being able to outwit him. Hera is very responsible and does quite bump heads with Zeus. But men think of her as a mean, selfish, and unpleasant goddess to revolve around. When some people didn't notice her for being responsible, respectful, reasonable, & a loving goddess.

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