Venice is a city located in the northeastern part of Italy, sited on a group of 118 small islands. Venice was famous for being the wealthiest trading cities in all of Europe. Venice connected Europe to the rest of the world through trade, and became very powerful. Since Venice is located near the sea, they found it easy to trade by sea route, using the 3,000 ships and 36,000 sailors that resided in Venice.

Venice produced many luxury goods, including wine, salt, glass, and textiles. Venice was famous for its' textile industry and glassmaking. The silk road passed near Venice and as a result Venice also traded for silk, grain, and spices.

During this time, art pieces became immensely popular, and were traded from Venice because of the talented artists that lived in Italy. Works of art were expensive and made Venice even more wealthy than it already was. The function of Venice was to provide a trade center between Europe and the rest of the world, by means of water. The silk road gave trade between land, but when the city of Carthage fell, Venice became a new major trade city.

By: Leah Martin

Works Cited~ Wikipedia

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