I was born in Easley, SC on January 5, 1995.

I lived there throughout my entire childhood.

I lived in the country and had a lot of pets and farmland.

I also had a large family, including 4 awesome siblings, and over 15 crazy cousins.

As I grew up, I really enjoyed school.

Not only did I enjoying making friends and having social opportunities,

but I enjoyed some of the materials I was learning.

I began to excel in science and math.


Because I enjoyed Science so much,

I decided to go to Clemson University and major in Biological Sciences.

I decided to add a second major during my freshman year, Science Teaching.

I want to be a high school teacher!

Along with my double major at Clemson, I also am involved in a few organizations.

They include the Clemson University Guide Association,

Pi Kappa Phi, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

I ALSO REALLY LOVE CATS!!! (and clipart)

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