Nobody's immune

The movie The witnesses  takes place in the 80’s in France. Briefly, the story tells us about Sarah and Mehdi , an unhappily married couple living in Paris in 1984. Mehdi cheats on his wife with Manu, an attractive younger man. Their relationship becomes even more complicated after Manu is diagnosed with AIDS. From this moment, we realize as a viewer how all the characters become witnesses to the devastation of the disease. Relative to the disease, it is interesting to observe the differences of reactions from a society of the 80’s. It is unbelievable how in this movie, the impact of the appearance of AIDS is described by the paranoia of the characters. Also, there is a huge emphasis of conservatism and many discriminations face to the homosexuals. Nowadays, most of the AIDS patients would have responded in another way. For example, as we can see in Dallas Buyers Club, the patient had the brilliant idea to find some medication to live as long as possible. Normally, in movies that approach the subject of AIDS, the patients want to enjoy every second left of their life but it is not the case in The Witnesses. The relationship between AIDS, sexuality and intimacy must be worrying for everyone because you never know when the disease could arrive in your life. What we should all remember from this movie is that nobody should judge anyone from a virus.


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