"42" and "Remember the  Titans"
     Race and Discrimination Comparison

"42" Movie Summary

Jackie Robinson is a rising star in the negro leagues. His life turns upside down and sideway when the Brooklyn Dodgers Manager (Branch Rickey) decides he wants Jackie to play for his team to break the undrawn line of African Americans in major league baseball . He starts playing for Montreal where he surprises many with his talents. He then plays for the Brooklyn Dodgers where he takes verbal abuse from just about everyone with out a single complaint. He eventually finds friends when he least expects it.

"Remember the Titans" Movie summary

In Virginia two racially separated schools are sent to the newly integrated T.C Williams. With schools comes two completely different football teams who are forced to play together. Coach Yoast and Coach Boom need to figure out a game plan when they are expected to pull out a winning season but when their players don't get along that is hard to do. When two races are forced to share the game that they love they learn to love their fellow players too. A once completely segregated town is now one when it comes to the local celebrities the Titans. They face serious difficulties like discrimination and tragedy but in the end they pull it out.

Race/Discrimination Change in
"Remember the Titans"

At the beginning of this clip it shows an officer come up to Julius. Julius begins to worry because he thinks that the officer will do something to him because of his skin color but throughout the movie things like this happen where we see that the discrimination changed just like how this cop complemented Julius. It also changed when Julius showed what a good person he is to Gerry's mom.

Race and discrimination change in "42"

In the background of this scene you can here people booing. Peewee does not care what these people think he just wants a friend like Jackie. Peewee knows that Jackie is a good baseball player and only judges him on his skills and character. This is a change because Jackie was not use to being so close with an American player. The baseball world was changing around him so why not change his ideas about people.

Comparison Between Movies

Both the movie "42" and "Remember the Titans had very similar examples of discrimination and how it changes. The difference between the two movies is "42" was about one single person getting alone in a different kind of world the other was about a team getting alone and learning each other as not just a teammate but a friend. In the beginning of both movie the race of African Americans had been discriminated against and didn't have privileges as the American race. In both movies this thought process of African Americans being lesser of value had changed and were respected. Like in the movie "42" when a person on the street came up to congratulate Jackie on the outstanding game that he had had. Another example of this though proccess changing would be in the very end of the game in "Remember the Titans" when the very opinionated Emma came up and shook hands with Julius. Both movies experienced change and evolution in discrimination.

Reflection on movies

The viewers learned in both movies that prejudice against a different is not okay. Right now we have made leaps and bounds from with this topic on discrimination (we obviously still have work to do) and these films show what it was like to live in these eras were race was and issue and it shows all the pain and segregation during this time period. Like when Jackie's wife had to use the bathroom in "42" and because of her normal action in everyday life she was not able to board the plane. Also I'm sure the African American players were emotionally hurt when the American players thought they were scum and didn't want to play football with them.These movies also show the evolution of racism and prejudice. When the other ball player stood up for Jackie, or When Gerry decided to kick the player off the team because he was intentionally not blocking for his black teammate, shows courage between players of making the right decision when the choice to just stand by and watch seems easier.

Is Racism still an issue today?

Even though segregation is illegal and we have many strides against racism there are still issues in modern day life. An example of racism today is what went on in Ferguson, Missouri. Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. This sparked so much hatred against both races. Officer Darren was free of any charges and the African American community was outraged. Riots broke out people were damaged physically and mentally and emotionally.

Class Connections

Race is important in society because it should classify someone but not in a bad way. You should be proud of your race and you should be filled with nationalism.

A class divided was a great study on how people of the same race would feel if treated of lesser value just because of their eye color. This is something important to teach at a young age so that these kids would know what it feels like to that they will not be the problem in the future.

DNA does not play a role in race. If you took three different people of the same race you would not any similarities if you examined their DNA. Race is and illusion what you see on the outside is nothing different than on the inside people are just people. They stereotypes that people portray to not classify a person.

Affirmative Action refers to admission policies that provide equal access to education for those groups that have been historically excluded or underrepresented, such as women and minorities. This action give people who have been treated poorly in history to kind of make up for it.