How to be Safe on the Internet

1.I wont give away any phone number or address or parents work address

2.I will tell guardian or teacher if I come across something that makes me feel uncomfortable

3.I will not give anyone's password in my family or mine even to my friends

4.I will not be a bully online at any time

5.Dont let abusers or creeps track your phone location

6.Dont  tell anyone your online name or ID

7.I will not respond to anyone I don't know

8.Dont put any pictures of you online

9.Dont get in chats with random people  

10.Dont watch any bad videos online or on an other places online

All though the internet is very fun it is also vey dangerous because, there is phishing and phishing is were  people can hack your account and there's trollers that troll you and get you u to think that there your friend  or someone els that you know. Also,  there's people that  get you to send pictures of you to them then put them online to make fun of you and have people find out where you live.

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