Mobile Apps for
             High SchoolBiology

These apps are targeted towards learning about the Cardiovascular System in Sci 20 and Bio 20.


Flashcardlet is an app that allows students to create their deck of flashcards for studying. The free version of the app has ads that might be distracting. A one time payment of $2.99 gets rid of the ads.

Here is a demo on how to use Flashcardlet.

I would have my students create their own set of flashcards of glossary and processes pertaining to the double-circulation of blood through the heart and lungs.

Strip Designer

Strip Designer is an app that allows students to create their own comic strips. The app allows creators to upload their own photos and pictures and has a plethora of layouts, templates, dialogue bubbles and etc. to choose from.

Here is a demo on how to use Strip Designer.

For learning the circulatory system, I would have my students design a comic strip about "Robbie, the Red Blood Cell's" path through the system. Students can use their imagination to portray "Robbie" in any setting they would want to, e.g. Robbie trying to get oxygen to his friend Tina through a busy city traffic.

Pocket Heart

The Pocket Heart app is from a series of apps called Pocket Anatomy.

Although this app is much advanced for Science or Biology 20, students can use this app to explore the anatomy of the heart in 3D. This will give them a good understanding of the anatomy prior to performing a heart dissection lab.


Stickyboard is an app used to organize and share notes.

Here is a demo on how to use StickyBoard.

This app can be used for projects or class experiments involving collection of data to share and compare with classmates. E.g. For the cardiovascular system, if a class experiment is carried out to compare blood pressure between males and females, then students could post their readings on Stickyboard and share it with the whole class to come up with averages and compare results.

BioNinja IB

The BioNinja IB app is a great tool for studying the concepts in Biology. It is equipped with notes, diagrams, pictures and best of all multiple choice quizzes with hundreds of questions. For the musical learner, this app also has rhythmic songs (that might be a little corny) but helps with the learning.

Mind Blowing

Mind Blowing is a free app that is used for creating concept maps.

Students can use to app to create concept maps to help them understand and learn content better. For students who have difficulty understanding content, this is a good app for them to group materials together to study better.

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