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For K-12 classroom

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Frog Dissection

What is it? Frog Dissection is a virtual frog dissection that allows students to dissect a frog without the gory parts that are experienced in class.

How to use it: You can use this app in a biology classroom to understand the parts of a frog when the students are uncomfortable performing the actual lab. The app could also be used for review of the actual frog dissection for students, because there is voice over instructions and information on the organs and life cycle. As well the app comes with an interactive quiz that the students can use to practice studying.


What is it? StoryKit is an app where children create an electronic book that allows students to be creative and helps with their writing.

How to use it? StoryKit can be used by Elementary English teachers to help kids learn how to read and write. Which also each students individuality and ability to be creative and imaginative.


What is it? MathBoard is app that is best used with Elementary students, to help with their math skills. Provides problems and quizzes which can be saved and reviewed.

How to use it? A Elementary teacher teaching math can use this app to quiz students and give them extra practice. It has problems ranging from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


What is it? GrammarUp is an app that allows students to test their English grammar.

How to use it? A English high school teacher can use this app to allow students more practice with grammar. There are different categories and lots of different questions, as well as a progress tracker so students can see where they are struggling. Just a fun way of practicing grammar.

Splashtop Whiteboard

What is it? Splashtop Whiteboard is an app for iPads which turns your iPad into an interactive whiteboard.

How to use it? You can use Splashtop Whiteboard the same way you would use a Smartboard. As long as you can access WiFi, you are able to watch flash media. Any teacher of any grade can use this app, to teach any subject. Instead of using a Smartboard you could allow students to each interact with activity by having it open on their iPads (if they have access to them). To use this app in a classroom, you would need to have a Smartboard to connect it to to use with the whole class, or lots of iPads for students to use individually. Here is a review on how to use it.

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