Do Car Insurance Comparison In No Time

One can easily compare car insurance quotes online from her computer or smart-phone.

Mr.Ramesh Kadam a resident of Mumbai, India had simply renewed his car insurance without doing a comparison. He renewed his insurance at the same rate as it was during the purchase. However, what he realized later was a big disappointment. Mr.Kadam later realized that he could have got cheaper car insurance had he compared policies of different companies online. This could have taken just a few minutes but would have saved thousands!

Further you’ll learn to do car insurance comparison the easiest way.

Do car insurance comparison from your home!

One can easily compare car insurance quotes online from her computer or smart-phone.

There are 2 major advantages-

One won’t need to go through tedious task of visiting several companies to decide the best suitable policy.

During the busy working hours, one may not be able to find time to contact the various insurance companies. However, you can easily make a comparison online at your convenient time.


  • 1) Online you can even request for free quotes from the several car insurance companies.
  • 2) It is advisable to get at least 3 quotes from different companies. In this way you can easily compare them and analyze the best suitable plan.
  • 3) Invest sufficient time and ensure you compare the same kinds of coverage plans.

Contact a broker

The other way to get the best suitable plan is to contact an online car insurance broker. This will help you delegate the task of comparison to the broker. Rates differ across companies, some of which even grant discounts subjected to certain things.

Some examples are listed below-

Some companies give discount for people above the age of 50.

Certain companies offer discount for clean driving records. This refers to the discounts offered by the insurance company for one’s driving history. The person who has a clean driving history without any accidents is offered regular discounts by certain companies.

Certain companies offer discount for people working a particular industry where the risk is lower. However, companies charge higher premium for people working in higher-risk conditions like mining.

Note- One does not need to pay for getting free quotes

Some of the factors which will impact your premium rate are as follows-

The type of car owned by the insured will have an effect on the premium rate of the policy

Possession of a sports vehicle may cause the insured to pay higher premium compared to hatchbacks and sedans.

City driving requires higher premium than rural driving. It’s because there is less traffic in rural areas and therefore lesser chances of accidents.

Concluding tip-

If you possess more than one vehicle, you should do a prudent car insurance comparison. Choose a company which will grant you a comprehensive policy at lower rate and insures all vehicles under one policy.

Finally, do ensure you clear all your queries regarding services, premium rates and so on.

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