The Declaration of Independence

                                                           By Kathleen Harner

The Unalienable Rights and government by consent is a part of the declaration where it talks about...

Unalienable: We have a right to life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Having the Unalienable Rights makes things more fair

Consent: We have a say in the decisions the government makes

One way we consent is by voting

A just government needs consent of the governed so....

We have equality

Power is evenly distributed between the government and its people

The person who is in charge of protecting our Unalienable Rights is....

The government

One way they do this is by putting Veterans on the battlefield who fight for our freedom and pursue our happiness

The American Civil Liberties Union has been extremely active in using the courts to protect our natural rights

The principles of the Unalienable rights and government by consent aren't outdated because...

We still vote which is a way to consent

The government till this day does a good job of protecting Unalienable rights

Our amendments are still in place

We have freedom and are not in danger of other countries

These principles matter to me because...

I am free

My rights are not being violated

Not all countries have these guidelines

I realize how lucky I am to be an American

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