Doc Scan your annotations into your Drive!

Start working right away.

HW tonight: R&A "The Key Game" - new archetype alert! Transformation!

You've read "Woodstock" "Big Yellow Taxi" & "(Nothing But) Flowers"
How can you teach what you know?
Work with your partner to create a compelling visual lesson.

Create a notability presentation/infographic/explaining page with the following criteria

1. LYRICS from EACH of the songs that exemplifies elements of the Golden Age Archetype.  

2. Images of your OWN annotations. (This works for #1, too)

3. Images that exemplify the Golden Age as they relate to the songs.

4. TAKE AWAY message. What should people know? Why?

Move into your Drive and share with me. I'll compile all of our lessons into one massive Tackk and we'll see the similarities, differences, and general awesomeness.