Terrorism: the use of violence to make a political cause against a certain religion, race, or anything.   

Terrorist: a person who uses terrorism to make a political cause.

Terrorism is justified for a just war theory underlies much of accepted international law concerning the use of force by states. International law is explicit about when states may use force. For example, states may use force in self-defense against an armed attack. Despite these laws and norms, there are those who oppose the use of violence under any circumstances. For example, this commitment to nonviolence led Mohandas Gandhi to build a movement of national liberation in India organized around the practice of non-violent resistance.

Houston Texas

  • It was a suicide bombing
  • Happened in Poe Elementary School, Houston Texas
  • Happened on September 15 1959
  • Six people including the perpetrator and his own son, were killed.
  • The weapon was a suitcase bomb
  • 6 were killed 18 were injured
  • Orgeron (the person with the bomb) asked that the children gather around him, and as he waved the suitcase around
  • Before the bombing Orgeron mumbled about "having power in a suitcase," the will of God and having to "get to the children".