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What are you willing to Risk?

What are you willing to risk? Nothing? Well neither am I. There are some key essential risks that you need to know.

Your Principle

Those that invest normally want something back, even if it s a little, they want their initial investment. This initial investment is know as a principle. Insured savings deposits and CDs, or Certificate of Deposit, are examples of an investment that guarantee you of no loss of "principle".

Investment Plans

Our company offers three simple and informative investment plans. Our high risk plans are those who are willing to gamble. We have a nice array of corporate bonds and 401k's, and other investment types and plans for those who want to be a daredevil with their money.

Low Risk Investment Package

  • Bonds- bonds are one of the lower risk investments that you can make. With bonds your risking the chance of bond prices falling as the interest rate increases.

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