David Shulick - Distinguished Class Performance

David Shulick graduated with honors from Temple University Law School in 1994, three years after a life-altering tragedy that might have been a more serious setback to a less-determined individual.

On March 9, 1991, his beloved mother was in an automobile accident in Philadelphia. The car in which she was a passenger was broadsided by another vehicle. She was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital, where she died from her injuries the following day. David Shulick was alone with his grandparents when she passed away, and was denied the opportunity to be at her bedside.

In spite of this David Shulick entered law school a few months later and committed himself to his studies. There were many distractions that first year, including having to care for his elderly grandparents and family, which had an impact on his grades. "While I earned a high GPA, this is deceiving in that substantial life distractions and related time constraints impeded me from graduating in the top five or ten percent of my class, or participating on the Law Review," he says today. "I did, however, receive the Distinguished Class Performance Award for outstanding oral advocacy, analytical abilities, participated actively in the Moot Court Program winning several competitions, and participated and completed Temple's highly regarded National Integrated Trial Advocacy Program."

His commitment to excellence has continued into his professional career. Since receiving his law degree and passing the Bar exams in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, David Shulick has out-performed his personal goals and those of his employer at every employment position or clerkship that he has held.

David Shulick has also dedicated much of his personal and professional life to the memory of his mother. He established the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation and has made substantial contributions to the causes that she most cared about during her lifetime.