capital city:Warsaw

Poland physical map

Poland political map

the flag of Poland

One of Poland's famous restaurants the Cafe Helenka

Poland's Castle!
This is the city of Poland
Poland's landscape mountains
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Population Data

Brief history:

*Poland was founded in 966 by Mieszko l.

*For more than a century there was no Polish state

*It was formally reconstituted in Nov.1918

*Ignace Paderewski was the first minister (1919

*Lech Walesa won the presidential election in 1990 with 74% of the votes

*Bronislaw Komorowski was named president in 2010.

*Prime minister Tusk is named President of the European Council in 2014.


*climate:Temperate with cold

*Terrain:mostly flat mountains along southern border

*Land use: It is used for manufacturing

*Most of the people live in the cities

*Natural resources: coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt, amber, arable land

*Natural Hazards: Flooding

*Current issues: Air pollution

Politics Today:

*Government type is republican

*Bronislaw Komorowski political leader President

*Actual National symbol White Eagle

*Suffrage 18 years of age universal

*It has all the branches legislative,Judicial,and executive


*GDP per capita :$21,100

*Unemployment rate:10.3%

*Type of money: Zloty

*Exports: $202.3 billion

*Import: $207.4 billion

cultural traditions:

*holidays:St.Nicholas day , December 6

*Feast of the three kings

*Food: Kutia

*Fish in horseradish



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