Famous Cowboys

Clay Allison

Clay Allison was born Robert Clay Allison on September 2, 1840. He died on July 3, 1887 from a broken neck from a accident. Clay's main job was a Texas cattle rancher, but he was also a gunfighter and ruthless killer. Clay had a wife name Dora and two children, Patti and Clay Jr.

Texans considered him to be a trustworthy veteran. Clay had been labeled a "hell raiser" do to his encounters such a knife fight with his neighbor and the colfax county war. Him being a hell raiser was mythical because of lack of documentation. After he married, he settled down and continued cattle ranching without violence. He was a well respected man who just did what he thought was right even if that means taking a life.

Clay was apart of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). He was involved in numerous confrontations and even killed a union soldier because his property was about to be seized.

Five Interesting Facts

- He was in the Confederate Army.

-A wagon wheel ran over and crushed his neck almost being decapitated.

-After shooting Chunk Colbert at dinner he said "i didn't want to send him to hell on an empty stomach.

-After he settled down he became a cattle broker

-His daughter Pearl was born seven months after his death.

Perry Owens

Perry Owens was born Commodore Perry Owens on July 29th, 1852. He died on May 10th 1919 from Bright's disease. He was a cowboy who worked on the ranches of Oklahoma and New Mexico. Later advancing his career as a ranch foreman and later became the sheriff of Apache County  and Navajo County. After he left law enforcement he opened up a saloon and general store in Yavapai County, Arizona. He was also an equipped Arizona lawman and gunfighter. He married at the age of 50 to Elizabeth Barrett. They had one child together.

Perry had a good reputation unlike the previous cowboy. He was a gentleman and was liked by the people he knew. It has been said that he carried out his job in a pleasant manner. He had a cool and collected personality. He tried to keep the peace between locals and keep trouble down to a minimum.

Five Interesting Facts

-He was buried in Citizens Cemetery in Flagstaff, Arizona.

-After moving to California he came back to Arizona to witness Arizona become the 48th state of America.

-He ran away from home to be a cowboy.

-After dying he left his wife an estate of $10,000.

-He was born in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

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