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Expository Essay

Over time itself there have been many great inventions. From the first ever tool to the iPhone, changes have been made to make our lives better. Some going horribly wrong, such as the atom bomb, have brought countries to their knees. One resent invention, texting, has not only changed our lives, but also the world. There are many good things that come from texting.

Texting has some great effects to communication. Texters don't have to worry about people listening to your conversation; although Texters do have worry about someone looking over your shoulder. Nowadays with time being short, it takes less time to receive than an email. People with hearing disorders appreciate the visibility of the text. The ability to look over your text before you reply can help you think about what you text. With all these advantages of texting, it is equally harmful.

As advantageous as texting can be, it comes with side effects. Texting has become a greater hazard than drinking and driving among teens. " An average of about 3,000 teens die from texting and driving every year and over 300,000 teens have been injured from texting and driving." says newsday.com by Delthia Rick in 2013. Texting is less personal and people don't get the full effect of an conversation. It makes it easier to avoid speaking with people on the phone which could hurt communication skills.

There is a bigger picture to texting. " There are about 4.2 billion texters worldwide. That mians that about every 3 out of 5 people on the earth are sending or receiving a text. Its more than 5 times the members on Facebook and 4 times the members of monthly Google users. That's even bigger than the population of the earth in 1975. Over 4.8 million people worldwide have a phone but no electricity. Around the world it has boosted lives. In Afghanistan, the police salary has risen 30 percent after delivering salary's by phone. In Kenya, a gamilies income rose 5 through 30 percent," says bit-incorp.com.

The invention to texting has many advantages and disadvantages. Withe upsides and downsides, it opens new passages ways across the world. From the new usages of communication to the diggerences its made across the world, texting has impacted the world.

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