Khrys'tena Dangawali Page 293

What is a E-Passport....?

Its a Electronic passport that uses RFID technology to improve security and reduce passport forgery. The passport contains a microchip that is embedded which includes information a original passports would carry. Using RFID can easily send personally data wirelessly  expeditiously.

The steps....

Authenticating the RFID reader

In some countries the use of biometrics are applied to Extended Aceess Control (EAC) is used to ensure that the chip isn't forged.

Establishing a secure connection

Basic Access Control (BAC) is utilized to prevent eavesdropping by neighboring unauthorized users so the data is encrypted before being sent from the passport to the authorized reader.

Verifying the integrity of the chip

This process ensures that data contained on the chip will not be changed. Along with this a digital signature is placed onto the chip then checked when the data is read known as Passive Authentication (PA)

Authenticating the passport holder

Biometrics such as iris, fingerprints, or face information are made into templates to generate from the digital image stored on the passports chip.


  • Cloning on the chip.
  • The cost is higher.
  • Readable from a distance.
  • Government can keep track of travel record.
  • Man in the middle attack.