Come to Egypt! Gift of the Nile!

By Collin Preves

So, are you planning on coming on down to the wonderful region known as Egypt? Well, you're in luck! 'Cause Egypt is a really great place to live! Well, everyone knows about the pyramids and how you spoil your pet cat rotten but, Egypt is also a great place to live geography-wise! You're already starting to wonder what the beautiful picture with the tropical waterfall/river is about right? Well my friends, this is the Nile river: Earth's longest known river! This river is very helpful to all the inhabitants of Egypt! Every spring, the water of the river brings fertile dirt known as silt! Silt is extremely fertile soil; great for farming! If you're a farmer, you're gonna love the Nile river! Guess that's why they call Egypt "The Gift of the Nile" right? Not only does it bring fertile dirt, but in the Egyptian region, it's great for trading! However in Nubia the cataracts cause the Nubians to trade by foot! So do your feet a favor and move to Egypt! You may have also noticed to red desert picture. That is one of Egypt's red desert areas! In the surrounding areas of Egypt, the red desert is extremely hot! This prevents enemies from attacking! Pretty good defense method huh? Well, I hope you're convinced that Egypt is a great place to live!

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