career goals

My Income & Career Goal Investigation
by: Neique McFadden
Computer Science Class - Period 2
Completed: 06 March 2014

my Search:

When i was deciding what i what i wanted to do it was a math. i looked closer and i wanted to become a math engineer. I am a hard worker and I love to solve math problems. I mad a link to the requirements of my "Career"



what I have to do to become a math engineer is be good at science, math and Technology. I should be able to providing scientific research of solving math problems and sometime other problems. I have to have good grades, so i can go to the best college of my choice.

PA Administrator Income Levels

I want to attend Saint Vincent College in southeast of Pittsburgh in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The cost to go there is on the is in the link a above.

Gwynedd Mercy University Tuition Costs

SDP Administrators Open Position