Dead Or Alive?

By: Donjanae Stewart

Tupac Shakur was a notorious rapper, also know by Machiavelli by the Don Killuminati   You may no him by his music All eyes on me , Heartz of men, and movies like Poetic Justice, and Juice.

Dead or Alive? My opinion is that i think Tupac is alive because the 7 day theory here is some facts about why i think Tupac is alive. He quoted if he ever went back to jail when he comes home he was going to be unborn again. He lived 7 days in the hospital before he died and his room number was 7. Tupac died on September the 7. In video "Toss It Up"  he broke a mirror so that's 7 years of bad luck

Tupac supposedly died on Sept 7, 1996

He died in Las Vegas at the intersection of flamingo road. They took him to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada. His time of death was 4:03.

While leaving the boxing ring where Mike Tyson VS. Bruce Seldon fought. Tupac got shot 12 times but only got hit 5 times while he was in his BMW. My opinion is that he faked his death. "To deceive ones enemies one must fake their death". He did the same thing Machiavelli did he died when he was 25 and came back when he was 43 and was richer and his plane worked.

In conclusion i  believe that Tupac is in Cuba with his aunt. That's where they let u go if u are in any danger.


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