The first and the second day, we have travelled in the bus and the boat, and we have slept in the boat. It was cool in the boat because he was very big. At around nineteen o'clock, we arrived at Portmarnock and we went with our family. Our family went one hour after because she had driven some poeple who were in a family without car. Julien and Arthur had no family, so the went to our family the second day. The first day, our family was cool but after she was stressed so she wasn't always very nice. On saturday, we went to an archeologic museum in Dublin. After, we learnt how to play gaelic games. I loves it because I love doing sport. At seven o'clock, we have practised Irish dancing. On sunday, we went to Glendalough to make hiking. We didn't do all the hike because it was raining. After, we went to Dublin to make some shopping and we went to our family's house. On monday, we went to Causey farm. During the morning, we have maked bread, we have visited the farm and we have practised Irish dancing. After the lunch we went to the tourbe and I went with Samson in it. It was very funny but it was cold. After, some of us played hurling and we came back to Portmarnock. At evenight, we went to the beach and I went in the sea. On tuesday, we went to Dublin all the day , we visited it and we made some shopping. After that, on evenight, we went to the car and we went in a boat at eleven o'clock during four hours. After, we slept in the bus in England and we took a second boat to France. Finaly, we went in the bus to come back in Lille.

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