Jackie And Me

By: Justin Kornblum

For my book report, I read Jakie And Me. It was one of my favorite books.

Five important objects.

I chose tis object because when Joe got to 1947 he met Jackie Robinson. Then Jackie took Joe to Ebbets field. After that he became the Dodgers batboy. He also learned a lot from Jackie by being the batboy.

I chose the baseball card shop because Joe got the baseball card he needed to travel back in time so he could meet Jackie Robinson for his black history month report.Also,   none of the book would have happened without that card.

I chose the briefcase because Joes dad wanted him to put baseball card from 1947 so he could bring the cards back to his dad so his dad could sell the cards for a lot of money.

I chose Mcalpin Hotel because this is were Jackie Robinson lived. This is also where Joe stayed when he traveled back in time to meet him. He also stayed with Jackie in his room.

This is a 1947 Jackie Robinson card. I chose this item because this is the card Joe got at the baseball card place. This is also the card he used to travel back in time to 1947.

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