Working Toward Nothing - The Art of Progress

Vibhor Mittal of Houston, is sometimes perturbed by other writers. They have the gall to say things like “Why should I finish this? Who will care?” His response is, you should, you dolt.”

For Mittal, writing is a personal choice. It is more than simply expression and Mittal acknowledges that it changes based on each person. Vibhor Mittal does have an idea of what it is not. It is not a tool to build empathy or score dates. At least, good writing isn’t. And, unfortunately, it is not a way to build a bank account, a fact to which he can personally attest.

Writing should be an exercise in nothing. When Vibhor Mittal is in Houston, clearing his mind before a long writing session, he doesn’t care about what others think. He’s spent many hours writing hundreds of pages, most of which has seen no other eyes than his own. He isn’t dismissive of publication and still considers it a goal, but not the only goal. His advice is to not think too far ahead, focus on the moment you are writing in, and nothing else.

He has discovered that the only way to have an honest, truthful piece of writing from Vibhor Mittal from Houston is to honestly create magic by first thinking of nothing.

Nothing doesn’t mean empathy. One should be empathetic when creating characters. Nothing means the absence of pressure. Will this sell? Who can I show this to? Is this character compelling? Is this genius? Am I writing better than X person? For Mittal, none of that matters. Clearing away those thoughts is the nothing. For writing, it is its never-ending story.

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