What Is Air Compressor Dryer System

There is no doubt that the use of the air compressor has become an essential piece of the work equipment in almost every part of the industry. Particularly when it comes to construction, mining, manufacturing and warehouse maintenance, the need of compressed air is crucial to keep the continuous workflow and face no risk of downtime and setbacks.

As the need of quality air compressor is highly important, the air quality is also extremely important, because the air itself has a significant impact on the compressed air system. One of the inevitable situations when using an air compressor is the appearance of water in the air distribution system, which is certainly not a good thing for the proper work of this vital piece of work equipment. Sometimes the presence of water in an air compressor can cause no problem at all, but sometimes can lead to a serious trouble, and it all depends on the particular air compressor application. To get the water out of the compressed air is not a piece of cake. Instead, it can be a really complex and daunting task, because the air compressor owner has to understand where exactly the water comes from.

Normally the water is present in the air and as the air compressor uses the air , the water is drawn into the air compressor. But, the water is invisible (gaseous), thus it is described as 'humidity' of the air. This humidity can lead to many hazardous effects and interfere the proper work of the air compressor.

This is the point when a proper and functional air compressor dryer system is needed. In fact, having the right air compressor dryer system along with a properly treated air can lead to nothing but increased system efficiency, boosted productivity and product/process quality. Hence, the importance of selecting the appropriate compressed air filter and the appropriate air dryer, as two most valuable components of an air compressor. These two parts make the composition of the air compressor dryer system, thus future air compressor buyers should look for high quality parts that will enhance the performance of the entire air compressor dryer system.

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