Places where I've been

By Aidyn Johnson

This Tackk is about the places that I have been. This Tackk will show where I've been, some pictures, videos, and some music that was made in or was made about the places I've been.

Ann Arbor
Las Vegas
San Antonio

Shooting star in San Antonio

Las Vegas tour

The song "Four Dead in Ohio"

This song was made about four people who were shot in Ohio, hence the name four dead in Ohio.

this song was made in Canada by Thousand Foot Krutch.

I think that people should visit Ann Arbor, Michigan if they haven't been yet. Its a great place to shop and their collage looks really cool. They have amazing restaurants that have great food. The hotel that we stayed at was just outside of Ann Arbor and had a pool table, pool, hot tub, foose ball table, and a shuffle board.

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