March Sara Harp Minter Technology Happenings!

One nine weeks to go.. where has this year gone? Here is what I have added to your students wheelhouse of technology integration experience... Grades 2, 3, and 4 have all used Voki for digital storytelling! Not only did this reinforce story elements, but we had a great deal of conversation on digital leadership and what is appropriate to type online!

We finally have tablets in K and 1! Thank you to the teachers who have embraced this and already done so many great instructional lessons! We used Tellagami and Pic Collage already. Tellagami let us work on those story elements, and Pic Collage let us research and learn about our favorite animals while learning a new tool!

March 13th is Digital Learning Day...

I planned to make this a big event here at Sara Harp Minter... then realized I will be presenting at Tech and Learning Live that day! Yikes.. No worries... here we do digital learning every day. One day does not define us! I would love any pictures you might take and share from your classroom that day. I could compile them and share afterwards!

Thank you Kimberlee Wright, Jackie Corvey, Eileen Corley, and Anna Bussey for offering to learn more about Google Play Edu. Next year we will use this great resource in 2-5 since K and 1 have already started the journey! Push out content to your students' Google Profiles, and have it ready to go when they fire up that Chromebook! Corley has already found so many ways to add to her students' learning experience!