Early Japan

Lady murasaki was one of the greatest writers in early Japan. She wrote the first full length novel that was name the tale of genji. The tale she wrote was one of the greatest novels ever wrote. In the novel

she wrote she explained court of life with big details.
The nobles we're painting, calligraphy and archite. They used bright and bold colors. Also they had other popular ways of art in heion was calligraphy or decorative writing. The things they liked painting was court life,doors,furniture!


The nobles made their city's as beautiful as any other! They greatly admired Chinese architecture and modeled Heian after the Chinese capital. The nobles copied Chinese building styles,especially in all of their temples. The style was wood frames that curved slightly up towards the ends!

                                                      PERFORMING ARTS

Performing arts was  popular in early Japan during the Heian period. Ancient Japan dramas can be tracked back to this time. People often gathered around to to watch performances by musicians, jugglers, and acrobats! Really popular plays where when actors skillfully mimicked other people!


The nobles loved beauty began with their own appearances. They had magnificent wardrobes full of silk robes and gold jewerly. Nobles loved elaborate outfits! We on wore long gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk cleverly cut and layered at once!


religion became something of an art form in heian. The nobles religion reflected their love of elaborate rituals. Different forms of Buddhism developed in Japan. Most of the common people in japan though equally religious, didn't have time or money for these ceremonies

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