Vacation gone wrong

Bailey Johnson

Cover of "And Then There Were None."

In the book "And Then There Were None," eight people are invited to an island by a person who goes by U.N Owen. These eight people will be joined by the Rogers a couple that acts as there butlers. Nine of these people were unaware of the fact that before the week was up they were all going to die!

Height of tides after a storm

The people were not able to leave the island, because the tide was high from a storm that happened during their first night on the island.

The guests stayed on an island called Indian Island. They don't know who owns it, and they all think it is owned by a different person.

The murderer had a creative way of killing the people. S/he would kill the people by doing what happened to the Indians in the poem "Ten Little Indians."

In the beginning of the story there were ten Indian statues on the table, and every time someone was murdered a statue would disappear.

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