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Persuasive Essay

Doesn't everyone know that we need good to balance out the bad in our everyday lives ? Each good and bad person balance out the Earth and bring us all together as a community. We need both actions.

Our world is full of both good and bad. They help each human being know their place they have in our society. Without the good people there wouldn't be laws that the government enforces to keep this community as a whole.We have grown stronger and better as a country through out the years we've lived.

Bad people have also made our whole nation come together closer as we go through economic or mental situations. For example, The Great Depression. Many people have lost their jobs and have suffered due to the lack of food, water or other necessities. If it wasn't for this tragic overturn we would have never gone into World War II which lead us out of this economy tragedy.
In the end it all comes together that we need both good and bad to balance our lives. Our society has its defects. Another Example, crimes. People have committed crimes around the world many times to make them emotionally better or stable. But if it wasn't for the good, we would have completely push our species into extinction.

Crimes give people bad perspectives on those who commit them but we personally know that they have at least a piece of good that lies beneath them. It takes a good heart of a person to help the other express that good action. It's the beauty of life. We all need each other to balance our nation.

Letter of Recommendation



MTrevizo Publishing

3738 Sacred Ave.

Manhattan , New York 2847

Dear Mr.Trevizo ,

I am writing to recommend Kelsey Gibson for Publisher .

I have known Kelsey Gibson for 7 years and have nothing but positive things to say. Ms.Gibson and I have met through her mother who previously worked for me awhile back before she had her daughter. Mrs.Gibson has informed me that her daughter Kelsey would like to pursue a career in Publishing. I have hired her at the age of 16 to help her start building her profession. She has escalated as a hard worker but as person as well. Ms.Gibson well deserves this job, for she will only bring you hard work, determination, etc. There is no doubt in my mind that Kelsey will be an excellent addition to MTrevizo Publishing .

Kelsey Gibson is only a hard worker and would bring you many incredible things to you and your company. She has helped many publishers with any assignments they need help on, or advice that they need. Kelsey Gibson is a symbol of dedication and determination to many other workers who work for my company as well.
It would be such a great shame if you do not take Ms.Gibson.

Please do not hesitate on contacting me at 9153749364 or emilyquinones13@gmail.com if you have any further questions or requests.


Emily Quinones

Shades Publishing

3739 Wattpad Ave.

Manhattan , New York 6394

Letter of Intent

Quinones,Emily Rae 37394 Tennyson Dr.El Paso, Texas 79958

Nicole Madison, Reyes PsychologistPsychology Experts Incorporation 37394 Red Fire
Dear Nicole Madison, Reyes:
My name is Emily Rae Quinones, and I am writing to apply for a position as a Psychologist for your company. With 7 years on majoring my field with many experiences, I believe I would be a perfect fit for your company. I currently hold a Masters Degree in Psychology at New Mexico State University.
I am writing to inform you of my interest in the positions you are offering. I have been recommend by many people to take an interest at this position. I have many experiences with many company's and I have the desire to have a clean slate with a new fresh company who will help me succeed in my profession.
If you would like to discuss my qualifications, please don't hesitate to call me at (915)-263-3648.
Emily Quinones


Emily Quinones(915)-637-638426484 Sacred Heart Dr.Emilyquinones7@gmail.com

ObjectiveTo obtain a profession at a University in the field of Psychology
Education2005-2011 Lujan Chavez Elementary2011-2014 Sun Ridge Middle School2014-2018 El Dorado High School -Avid -Literary Anthology Award -English Award
Experience2011- Volunteering at Retirement Home
Skills-write -reader-potential to help other with mental problems-intelligent

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