Student Led Conferences !!

  By: Serenity Dean


Thank you Mom for coming to my Student Led Conference. I can't wait to show you what hard work I have done this year so far.

My Highlights:

My Highlight from this year was going to Radical Challenge. That is my highlight from this year because  the field trip challenged us to get the challenge finished in 20 minutes. Then the field trip challenged us to use teamwork and we did.

Why I'm Leading this Conference? :

I am leading this conference because of all the hard work I have done this year. So that I get good grades in school for all of my subjects I have to do. And then to show that I am making good progress for school.


My favorite writing piece from writing is The Narrative writing project. This is my favorite piece because we got to write a comic or write a paper on our chrome books. I think that narrative writing can teach us how to write books if we want to be an author or an illustrator. The narrative writing piece is all about having conversation with somebody in the story or book.

Social Studies:

In social studies we are learning how to write checks, resume, and a application. We are doing this because we have a field trip coming up in February 19 to Exchange City. When we get to Exchange City they take us on a tour. After the tour we will work at our jobs that the teachers choose for us.


In math we are learning about how to add and subtract fractions. In the past year we learned how to do operations,  how to do distributive property, and how to subtract and add decimals. Then now we are doing chapter six in our math books. In chapter six it is all about fractions and that is what we are learning for this quarter.


In science we are learning about the universe and how light reflects on objects. My favorite thing in science was doing the science fair , the science fair was my favorite thing because have fun and do a project. My other favorite thing in science was learning the water cycle , that was my other favorite because I like to learn the water cycle and because I like to learn about what water does.

Wildcat Flex Hour:

In flex hour we do projects and assignments and finish stuff that isn't finished. Wildcat Flex Hour is all about learning what you want to learn. Wildcat Flex Hour is always on Friday every single week. In Wild Cat Flex Hour me and my group are learning about theater. , and If kids like theater?


My behavior at school is that I sometimes participate in stuff , I sometimes help people if needed , I follow directions most of the time , I listen to both of my teachers , I am kind to others , I sometimes bring my homework in time , and I don't do what I am not supposed to do , and I am a good student. I participate in math, science, social studies, writing, and reading by raising my hand and answering the questions. I help people if need for a question or an answer if they are having trouble.


My goals for this year are to listen better to my friends , do better on tests and assignments , try my best on tests and assignments , and do more better on science and social studies and all the other subjects that I do in school, and then to try to get less than 5 punches each month. I want to listen to my friends because I usually sometimes don't listen to my friends. I need to do better on assignments and tests and social studies and science because to do better on those things I would need to study more harder on.

Looking forward 3rd and 4th Quarter:

What I am looking forward for 3rd and 4th quarter is field day , the map test , the yearbook signing , and the last day of school , and spring break. I looking forward for Field Day because it is where you can get wet and eat ice cream. I am looking forward for the map test because I hope that I will get a good score. I am looking forward for yearbook signing because you can get most of your friends to sign your yearbook. I am looking forward for the last day of school because wants your done with school you get go join with the sun and play outside in Summer. I am looking forward for Spring Break because it is where we get a whole week off of school.


The artifacts I want to show you my grades, my math tests, my science tests , my social studies tests , my writing pieces , and what hard work I have done so far.

Thank You:

Thank you Mom for coming to my Student Led Conference. I was very excited to show you what hard work I have done this far. I hope you really enjoyed my presentation about Student Led Conferences.

Thank You very much !


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