water cycle
BY: Aidan 3/6/14

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The Clean Water Act

A large amount of waste was thrown in lakes and streams. The result was the Clean Water Act and its goals of making water fishable and swimmable. In 1972, Congress passed this law to help protect and restore the lakes, streams and rivers of the United States.Factories and waste treatment plants were no longer free to get rid of their wastes in the country's waters.This law helped the United States to get rid of water waste.

Water Cycle

In Missouri, we get about 43 inches of precipitation every year. Most of it evaporates through plants and never reaches lakes and ground water. Infiltration is when water soaks into the soil to the ground.Ground water simply goes underground where the soil is completely saturated. Evaporation is warmth from the sun causes water from lakes,streams, ice & soil to turn into water vapor in the air.

Ways to take care of your yard so that the water is not polluted.

Leave grass clippings on the lawn after you mow.Test the soil. It is bettor to pull weeds instead of weed killer spray.Use mulch to hold down weeds!

This is how to take care of our waters.

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