My Income + Career Goal Investigation
By Daijha Hawkins Computer Science Class - Period 1
Completed: 11 March 2014

The Vocational Choice Survey Showed That I Am Enterprising. The Three Jobs That I Chose Was Judge, Lawyer, Bank.When Me And My Partner Was Talking I Started To Look More Into Being A Judge.


Common Requirements Degree Level Juris Doctor (law school) Licensure Judges must be licensed to practice law, but this license is generally obtained when the judge begins work as a lawyer Experience Judges generally work as lawyers before being appointed Key Skills Critical thinking, reasoning, decision-making, communication

Step 1: Attend Undergraduate School

Aspiring judges can prepare for careers in law during undergraduate school. No specific major of study is required to attend law school, but law students commonly hold degrees in political science, history, business or economics.

Step 2: Earn a Law Degree

Most judges begin their careers as lawyers, and prior legal practice is a prerequisite for many state and federal judgeships. Lawyers must hold Juris Doctor (J.D.) degrees, which require completing three years of legal education at a law school approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Some schools offer part-time programs, which typically take four years to complete.

During the first year of study in law school, students typically focus on fundamental law coursework, including contracts, torts, civil procedure and criminal law. In the final two years, students complete elective classes in specialized topics, such as family law and tax law. Clinical internships are also typically available.




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