Missing Mississippi Girl Found As Flood Waters Clear

Authorities reported Monday afternoon that the body of a missing 9 year old girl had been located after tremendous rainfall caused flash floods to run through the area.

She was taken into a channel under a road around 8 pm stated by her mother. At the time, the city of Yazoo had received 4 to 5 inches of rain within a short period of time. The powerful storm system had been moving east with large amounts of rain, strong winds and with a slight risk of tornadoes.

The volunteers searching consisted of a 20 person search and rescue team from the state of Mississippi along with local authorities. They searched through rain swollen storm drains and around the local area finally locating her body. The mother was able to identify her.

The storm moved farther east and claimed another woman's life as it swept her car into a Georgia river. It reportedly left 70 houses with damage and produced a tornado in North Carolina. No more deaths or injuries were reported.


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