Satire Challenge
by Allison Engler

This is a Tackk that I created to help ensure your understanding of satire and how it is used in different ways. As you go through this, think about what you have learned and how you can apply that to other things in the future.

Types of satire
(just to review)


To increase or represent something beyond its originality so that it the problems in the particular situation become more evident.

To show things that are out of their natural element and would never occur in reality.

To reverse or switch what would happen in real life with what would happen in the movie, excerpt, play etc.


To imitate or mimik the techniques or format of something to make it seem more realistic.


My question for you is, what satirical techniques did they use in order to make their point and state their position? What was the point or position of this video? Who is the audience and speaker of this video?

Last question

After watching this video, think about other examples of satire you have seen and how they effect the world around you?

Thank you!

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