Affordable Apps

Katherine Crouch and Malloy Butler

QR Code Generator

a website that allows anyone to create a QR code that links to many different media types

The benefits:

  • easily generate a code that directs people to websites, pictures, text, etc

Class Kick

An application that allows students to work on their assignments on an iPad while teachers monitor and give feedback to students

The benefits:

  • students are able to work and easily receive feedback
  • teacher can change settings for each lesson
  • easily add content into the app


Use the desktop version to create a Blendspace lesson

The app is only for students to view the lessons is a website that allows teachers to share videos, images, and even assessments in one place. It is available online and as an iPad application.

The benefits:

  • easy platform to create lessons for flipped classrooms
  • allows students to view multiple elements of a lesson in one space
  • easily embed images, videos, and quizzes
  • available online and as an iPad application

Endless Reader

allows kids to explore new sight words through engaging animations and sounds

The benefits:

  • parents are able to allow students to learn sight words
  • interactive and exciting for young users

Aurasma and other Augmented Reality

allows users to create or view augmented reality experiences

The benefits:

  • teachers and students can create auras that are valuable learning tools
  • allows users to incorporate videos, pictures, and animations in an engaging way


easily create videos through pictures on iPad applications

The benefits:

  • students can easily create presentations in a video format
  • available on multiple platforms (desktop, iPad)