Blog Posts

By. Jessica Lee

Still Life (1/28/14)

This is a still life project we had to do in class. It was a combination of random things out together by Mr. Hines and what we were suppose to do is to take a picture of a section we wish to draw. There was also shading to do because there was a lighting source lighting the junks.

Hatching/Cross Hatching (1/29~2/2)

This is a drawing that used hatching and cross hatching. This is a picture of a statue that is believed to protect the people living in the house at the back and it is origined from South Korea. The parts where it had to be shaded is shaded mostly by using cross hatching. It was pretty easy to to shade in hatching and I had somewhat fun doing this project.

One's perspective

This is a one's perspective drawing project. We used vanishng points and horizontal lines to draw the road to look like its fading away and getting thinner as it goes further. I drew boxes next to the roads and they turned to buildings. The buildings also look like they are fading away with the roads.

Color (2/17/14)

Color (2/19/14)