Diego Guereca  


         The world would not last long if they did not have good people. The world needs good people because they are nice and respectful.

          We need nice people in this world to share to people in this world to share to people who needs stuff. For example if you give someone something nice that makes you into a good person. This is important because if there is no good people then the world would be destroyed.

         People need to be respectful so we can have peace in this world. For example, if you don't respect someone's stuff and steal it then he will get mad at you. This is important because we don't want to get mad at people.

         Some people say that we don't need good people because they say they can do everything on their own. For example if people are getting bullied everyone would just be watching, since there is no good people the bully will be overpowered. This would destroy our community and we wont be able to restore it.

The world would be a good place or bad place depending on how we are. The world needs good people because they are nice and respectful.

Resume Draft

Diego Guereca


14198 Tony Drive



Objective: I want to be a Mechanical engineer and the reason why is because when I saw it I just grew an interest. It seems cool being an engineer and also gets paid good.

Education: At elementary I attended Lujan Chavez and for middle school I attended Sun Ridge and for High school I Went to El Dorado 9th Grade Academy. I went to elementary for 6 years and 3 years for middle school and high school for 1 year. My accomplishments are that I was never absent trough elementary and middle school and I qualified for state in math club for 7th and 8th grade.

Experience: My job was babysitting and my responsibilities there was taking care of baby's and feeding them and also playing with it and changing its diaper. I worked there from 2014-2015 and the company name was babyscare.

Letter of recomedation

Dear State Farm,

He is a great friend and I can always count on him to help me out. I met him in elementary school and he deserves this letter because he is smart and is a great person. He is always getting good grades and he is really good at soccer.;

He has many skills that are really useful . He is really athletic and he is also really good at talking with people and he can communicate with them and understand them.

I think he is highly recommended because he has all of these useful skills that will help him with many things.


Diego Guereca

Diego Guereca

14198 Tony Drive

El Paso 99999

May 18,2015

Joshua Daniel Chavez, Engineer


2113 Park Drive

El Paso 99999

Dear Joshua Daniel Chavez

I want to get into this job because I am good at working with tools. I am also good at building things so I can be useful.

I have worked in previous jobs that are very similar to this one. I got a degree in engineering so I will know what I am doing. I was in the top 10% in college so I am very good at this. I have liked this kid of job since I was a little kid.