Russia Vaction

The Weather

Expect a lot of cold days. Temperatuer can range between -5 degreees to 99 degrees. However, Russia is typically covered in snow so layers and heavy coats are recomended.

Government Structure

Russia currently is a  federation and formally a semi-presidential republic, wherein the President is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government.

Some intrestins laws one will find in Russia include.

1. Illegal to drive a dirty car.

2. Mandatory military service.

3. Illegeal to buy alchol after 11:00 p.m.


As of 2015 the Russian population is currently 142,170,188

Out of this number the most commnly spoken language in Russia is, infact, russian.

The most commonly practiced relegion is Russain orthodox (christain)

Flights and Cost of Airfare

Pictured below is the airline, flight time, and arrival!

Cities to Visit

Picture of Moscow in the evening the Kremlin in the back

The most populated city in Russia this city is not only the capital but one of the lively and exciting places in the country.


Novosibirsk in the evening.

Novosibirsk is the countries 3rd most populated city and is famous for its

Art and Culture

Russia great art and architecture spands across time from the 600 year old Kremlin and Cathedral of Christ the Saviour to the moderen buildings of today. Also, Russian artists such as Ivan Kramskoy, Vasiliy Perov, and Savrasov are considered some of the greatest painters of their time. The russian culture is one that runs deep within the people and make no attmept to hide the foods, sights and oppertunities their country has to offer.


While visting, one must vist these places!

1. The Kremlin

2. The Red Square

3.  Gorky Amusement park


In comparison to the U.S. dollar the Russian equivalent, the "rubal" eqauls to 50.80 so don't be afraid to go to the gift shop!

The Russian rubal

Major Newspapers and Magazines

The major newspaper in Russia is the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, a daily government run paper. The major newspaper include; The New Times,  The Russian Reporter, and Vokrug Sveta.

Places to Stay

The Lotte Hotel is one of the best hotels in the country along with the W St. Petersburg, and Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg each of whom have top reveiws by former guests. Many of the hotels offer great veiws of the city and are in the center of the action.


The White Rabbit located in Moscow and the Idiot Café in are two reteraunts one must try and both for their cuisine and atmosphere.

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