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Beatrice's motivations

For Beatrice I think she is motivated by Hero and kinda being a big sister to her and protecting her and making sure she gets whats she wants and does not want the man of her dreams call her a slut in front of the whole town. Beatrice is nice to mostly everybody except Benedick because he is mean to her because she broke his heart and =Claudio because he called hero a slut in front of the whole town and tries to get Benedick to kill Claudio. Talking to Benedick " I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest... kill Claudio" Beatrice is trying to convince Benedick that she loves him and tells Benedick to kill Claudio. Beatrice does not want to get married because she is looking for the 'perfect' man and she really does not want to settle down     


Character development

Beatrice has red curly hair and she is Hero's cousin and niece to Leonato. In the movie she hates Benedick the whole movie and she is pretty important to the story she pretends to fall in love with Benedick again so he will kill Claudio. She is nice to almost everybody and hates the idea of love and she is manipulative. Benedick hates Beatrice because she broke his heart because she thought he was gonna break up with him. Don Pedro wanted to marry her but she did not think she was good enough for Don Pedro. "no my lord....your grace is too costly to wear every day" this is when Don Pedro asked beatrice to marry her and she decline's.   

Impact on plot and theme

After Claudio humiliates Hero in front of the whole town Beatrice gets mad at Claudio and tries to get him killed. If she was not in the play there would probably nobody to be mad at Claudio and nobody to hate on Benedick. Beatrice adds to the love theme by not being involved with love and hates on it all the time because she will not open up to and and try to find the perfect man.  

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