Atmosphere Questivity

Taylor Johnson

The Troposphere is the first layer of Earth's Atmosphere. The Troposphere is the layer that is nearest to Earth's Surface. All weather occurs in the Troposphere. What happens to the temperature in Troposphere is as altitude increases temperature decreases. The Troposphere contains 75% of earth's mass and water vapor. Mt.Everest is locate in the Troposphere. The Troposphere goes up to about 7km-20km. Radiation from the ground and ocean heats up the bottom of this layer.

The Stratosphere is the second layer of Earth's atmosphere. The Stratosphere is the layer that holds the most Ozone.Ozone heats up the top of this layer. The Ozone layer is important because it protects us from the UV radiation. The Stratosphere starts from about 10km-50km. What happens to the temperature in the Stratosphere is that it gets warmer as the altitude increases. Weather balloons are located in the Stratosphere .

The Mesosphere is the middle layer in Earth's atmosphere. The top of the Mesosphere is the coldest part of Earth's atmosphere. As you go higher in the Mesosphere the temperature changes it gets colder.The Mesosphere is important because it keeps the meteors from hitting Earth. The Mesosphere starts from about 50km-80km. Sounding rockets are located in the Mesosphere.

The Thermosphere is the fourth layer of the Earth's atmosphere. Thermo means heat. The thermosphere ranges from about 500km-1000km. The temperature in this layer is 200*c . The two things that orbit this layer is the space Shuttle , International space Station. Much of the X-ray and UV Radiation from the sun is absorbed in the Theremosphere. The aurora primarily occur in the thermosphere.

The Exosphere is the outer layer of Earth's Atmosphere. The exosphere starts from about 500km-10,000km. The boundary between Earth's atmosphere and planetary space is the top. Phone calls , TV pictures can be found in this layer.