The Effects of Cialiacs Disease On The Human Body

Graduation Project
Fall 2013

When I decided to

This image was given to me when I was diagnosed in 2010.

These documents were given to me by the Vidant Health Endoscopy Center in Tarboro, North Carolina. I took a tour and spoke with the staff about the procedures that take place and what they are looking for.

On July 15th 2010 I had an endoscopy done to receive a sample from my stomach to be tested for ciliac. I was able to retrieve pictures from my procedure and an informational sheet on my condition.

This was an e-mail sent to me by Doctor Petrizelo's secrutary confirming our interview on November 4th 2013. I was unable to meet with him during my endoscopy center visit due to scheduling difficulties, however now have the time planned. I will attach my questions below.

Interview Questions

    1. What should be included in my diagram so that I can neatly and appropriately portray my information?

    2. What could I include to make my diagram unique?

    3. How often do you have patients test positive for celiacs disease?

    4. What do you see for the future of celiacs disease?

    5. Celiacs is a relatively young disease, how have you examined the progress in research over these few of years?

    6. What is stopping the medical community from finding a cure for celiacs? What obstacles are in the way?

    7. What advantages does a gluten-free diet have for the body? Would it be considered healthy for an average person?

    8. Are there any alternative treatment methods in the works for celiacs patients?

    9. The symptoms for many digestive disorders are virtually identical, are there any that are a giveaway for celiacs disease?

    10. What about gluten is so harmful to the digestive system?


My progress in drawing and labeling my diagram explaining the effects of ciliacs disease. Overall I feel my product connected me more with my disease and the information that goes alone with it. This was a successful endeavor.

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